Mask- "There are three masks:

The one we think we are,

The one we really are, 

And one we have in common" 

                                                    Jacques Lecoq

Starting from the neutral mask (nature of the performer and emotional states)-finding neutral yourself to know the difference between yourself and the character you are creating; in this class we are going to explore: Cardboard mask creation - 3D character, Founding mask - possibilities, Larval mask- power of the stillness and gesture of the character,  Sacred mask - role of the traditions and rituals, Commedia Dell'Arte-traditional Italian mask and the stock characters; 



Clown - The art of play - Start exploring the inner clown for to get to know yourself. Find out how risk and failure could serve you as a performer on stage, be vulnerable, connect to your deep emotions, make moment-to-moment discoveries, find out what is the great unknown. Every person has a clown inside, some of them are buried deep down, some of them are awaiting the moment, to reveal your inner clown takes a courage but to hide it makes you be everyone else. Explore red nose and the character clown, find your signature and be funny! (Chaplin, Keaton, Marx Brothers, Red Skeleton, Polunin etc...) 


Character creation- Embodiment of the character: character creation often is the process when one is seeking  inspiration inside out but character creation also can be a subject of technique, finding inspiration from the image-outside in, to embody your character fully: Character habit, signature, gesture, to walk, to talk, finding inner animal, substance, to connect character to the nature forces, to be rooted and to find your new character in a time and space trough physical exercise, to not be locked in your brain but to do because to reveal! 


Movement for the stage/coordination/mime - Tool for the physical improvisation

Coordination and movement for the stage is often been associated with the dance but dance is a performance for the stage or act of the ritual.  Movement for the stage defines characters awareness for the space, relationship with the space, Timing during the action, gesture, partnership on the stage, coordination for the better performance, general movement culture on stage, investment in your body and economy of the energy, breath and muscle performance. All of this subjects are for the better performance and to cultivate professional relationship with body and the profession.  In a long run professional actors mostly, but everyone else could use the technique which allows you to get to know your body well and to start appreciate your gifts and work on the weaknesses. This class is not only for the stage but also designed for life performance as well 


Devised Physical Theatre Creation - The art of the Impossible - Explore every aspect of the theatre creation from scratch to the production. Creating an original theatre with the ensemble. Theatre which comes straight from ones soul and lives with in the body of the ensemble, which speaks from the heart of the performance and changes the space forever! Devised theatre is a living entity stands on the shoulder of the actor creator. Main value of such kind of theatre is the deep emotions we carry as one entity called ensemble. Learn how to be a part of the creation!