Artibus collaborates with many artists from all over the world. Meghan grew up in Denver and Buba is from Republic of Georgia. We began a partnership at Dell’Arte International, a hard-to-find-but-well-worth-the-search physical theatre school in California. Georgian culture holds relationships between neighbors and the community sacred. An old Georgian proverb goes, “a good neighbor is better than a bad relative.”  

We can’t wait to be your neighbors.

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 Meghan Frank 

As a versatile performer and educator who grew up in Denver, Meghan has traveled the world to create original, collaborative work and has initiated community-based theatre programs across the globe.


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Buba BAsishvili

A theatre maker  and performer from Republic of Georgia living in the United States. He has worked in theatre, film, and as director and teacher in his hometown of Tbilisi and all across the globe.  In his toolbox are many practical skills: Original Theatre Creation, Character, Mime, Mask, Clown, Dance, Directing, Choreographing, Vaudeville, Cabaret, Melodrama, Tragedy, Commedia dell'Arte, Bouffon, Archery, Horse-back riding, Stage fighting, and Dramatic Acrobatics.  He loves the silly and serious combined.  

 He has his MFA in "Ensemble Based Physical Theatre" from Dell'Arte International in California, USA and performed, toured and taught with the Georgian State Pantomime Theatre for over 15 years. He is a director at Illiauni Theatre and University in Tbilisi. Buba received an MA in Mime Art from Shota Rusatveli State University of Theatre and Film, Tbilisi, Georgia.