Buba Basishvili in Outside the Room

Buba Basishvili in Outside the Room

Outside the Room
Created by Theatre Artibus (Buba Basishvili and Meghan Frank) and Grapefruit Lab (Julie Rada, Kenny Storms, and Miriam Suzanne)
Conceived with writing by Larry Mitchell

The Performance: A family struggles to find humanity and normalcy in a world made uncertain and strange after the transformation and “othering” of one of their own. This physical theatre piece imagines what happens on the other side of the iconic room in Kafka’s Metamorphosis.

Bite-Size was produced by DCPA’s Off-Center as an environmental performance at BookBar, an independent bookstore and wine bar in the Tennyson Street Arts District in Denver. Five short plays with bookish twists were performed in and around BookBar in Oct-Nov 2018. Outside the Room was one of five pieces selected from over 200 submissions and the only ensemble-devised work (written, directed, and performed by the ensemble).

Bite-Size was listed in the Westword as 2018’s best immersive offering in Denver.